Instructional Leadership Coaching Programme (Train the Trainer)

About the programme

We partner with schools and education service providers to develop and train coaches who work with teachers in schools. We help our partners to formulate a coaching model that aligns with their organisational focus and train their coaches on how to implement the model in their schools.

ILI at work

Client feedback

“All of the sessions were very impactful, but the real time feedback was the highlight for me. Being able to provide feedback at the time of its occurrence, providing a wonderful transition from identifying and then correcting, this method of delivering feedback can be very valuable.”

Participant, ECD Trainer

“It provided a guide step by step on how to do the observations, looking at what you see only. Then how to name it, see it and do it. How to plan appropriate feedback and then how to effectively deliver the feedback specifically suited to the needs of the specific person as there are different ways of delivering ring feedback.”

Participant, Education Coach

“I don’t do classroom visits, but as a manager of one of our teams, It enabled me to reflect on our own training / way we give support online and in person. We could incorporate the same processes to reflect on and build our capacity as trainers / mentors, overall it has been the most valuable training I’ve been to. Thank you ILI.”

Programme Manager