Instructional Leadership Mastery Programme

About the programme

The Instructional Leadership Mastery Programme (ILMP) is tailored for graduates of our flagship programme. This exclusive platform offers ILI alumni the opportunity to further their professional development, foster a robust support network and continuously learn within the instructional leadership community.

This programme is structured around a comprehensive membership plan that provides alumni with access to a library of valuable resources and professional development opportunities.

Membership benefits

Exclusive alumni portal access

Members enjoy unlimited access to an exclusive portal housing valuable educational resources consisting of digital training documents, templates and videos from the ILDP training.

Discussion forum

A vibrant discussion platform where alumni and ILI coaches actively engage, exchange ideas, seek advice and offer mutual support, nurturing a collaborative learning environment.

Facilitator opportunities

Members can become facilitators on courses offered by ILI providing a platform to share expertise and contribute to the development of future instructional leaders.

Additional benefits are available for a standard fee and include:

Virtual inter-sessions & group assignment

1:1 virtual coaching

These sessions are tailored to individual needs and provide personalised guidance and support for alumni.

Five training blocks

Virtual intersessions

These sessions offer practical insights and strategies to improve instructional leadership skills in a virtual group setting.

In-school coaching & mentoring

Whole school professional development

Members can request a session based on a topic of their choice for development of all staff at their school.