Instructional Leadership Certificate Programme

About the programme

We believe that the most effective educators are those who understand and implement instructional leadership concepts and techniques in their classrooms. This programme is a four-part series that explores how educators can reframe their time to increase their focus on what matters the most in education – continuously improving the quality of classroom instruction.

Course structure

We offer four 2-hour sessions that cover:

  • What is instructional leadership and how do I find time to become an instructional leader?
  • Rigorous lesson structure (I/We/You)
  • How to ensure effective independent practice
  • Academic monitoring

All our content is endorsed by the South African Council for Education (SACE) and can be offered as standalone modules for whole school professional development.

Who can apply

School leaders and teachers from government schools, low-cost private schools and public-private partnership schools, as well as students who are currently studying to become future educators.

Upcoming programme dates

Online training/offerings

  • 20 July 2024
  • 27 July 2024

Upcoming programme dates

  • 9 May 2024
  • 16 May 2024
  • 23 May 2024
  • 30 May 2024

*our content is endorsed by the South African Council for Educators (SACE)


“I have realised that a great deal of my daily tasks is actually instructional by nature. This has encouraged me to realise that I am adding value not just to my classroom but in my phase and in my school as a whole and to share these key learnings with my colleagues.”

Executive Head of School

“The importance of holistic planning. I loved the timetables and duties of principals shared with us and I have also made a similar spreadsheet on how best to effectively use the time both in the classroom as well as the breaks allocated to ensure all areas of the school are covered and assistance in all areas. I have also learned the importance of using all the resources available and the skill set of all the individuals to facilitate learning as a whole. The most important that was discussed within our group discussion is the power of communication among one another and sharing the work pressures that one easily gets tangled with if one does not plan the day properly.”

Teacher, Amy Foundation

“After the first session, I went into the next school day being attentive to EVERY learning/teaching opportunity, which made me more excited, though calmer towards learners and colleagues with challenging behaviour or circumstances, it helped me find new meaning to my teaching and being in a school – teacher.”

Alta du Toit School

Sakeena Elloker“The programme has been very impactful. All educators need to go back to basics and add learning objectives to plans, plan together and support novice teachers. This programme helped me to think through this process in a way that is not only great for my leadership but also for my colleagues. The engagement every day has been a highlight, we practise what we said we would do.”

Cohort 3 Alumnus

Sakeena Elloker“Everything I know about observation and feedback was due to attending the ILI programme. I am busy planning a session prior to the start of the 2024 school year where I will be taking staff through some TLAC strategies. This has become part of what I do as an instructional leader.”

Cohort 1 Alumnus

Sakeena Elloker“I learnt how to observe educators and how to give effective feedback. I only used to go to observe educators for QMS and seldom gave feedback to educators. You just normally go in, sit and listen to the lesson, and leave. Now I know exactly what to look for to give the educator feedback to help them to improve their lessons and their classroom management.”

Cohort 3 Alumnus