Instructional Leadership Development Programme

About the programme

We have tailored our flagship ILDP to partner with institutions that invest their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) funds for sustainable impact in education.

We improve school leadership capacity in CSI partner schools and align school improvement to the Department of Education’s best practice guidelines. We ensure that each school has a differentiated approach to school leadership development and support the school management teams (SMT) based on the contexts of their schools. This programme enables school leadership teams to improve the basic functionality of their schools, which forms the foundation for improvement in teaching and learning in the classroom.

Course structure

Our CSI programme covers:


Programme delivery

Our blended learning format includes:

Training blocks

Leaders begin their training with a virtual briefing session followed by an in-person training block during the first term, with subsequent training taking place monthly.

In-school coaching & mentoring

Following each training session, our instructional coaches carry out diagnostic school observations to ensure implementation of practices learnt in training. Coaches work with SMT to design an action plan that guides improvement of their instructional practices in the school. Throughout the programme the coaches also provide participants with continuous mentoring support.

Client feedback

“The coaching given to the SMT by ILI has so far benefited the school in many ways. The SMT acquired skills to perform their day-to-day activities better & effectively: SSE, SIP, Curriculum management”

Circuit Manager

“We are grateful for the ILI programme. Since we started, our school leadership and management had great progress and I improved on many other personal aspects because of the coaching component.”

Primary School Principal

“This is the first time our school has been in a programme that focusses on improving teaching and learning at this level, from helping us improve school culture to overall improving both learner and teacher discipline to effectively compiling our SSE in line with the nine focus areas. Our SMT is being capacitated on SSE, SIP and WSE that is required for managing a school. Thank you ILI for helping us. “

High School Principal